More than 25 years we opperate on market as wholesale strictly family company with priority of importing baby water turtles directly from USA farms (Florida, Louisiana), distribution of terrarium animals (water turtles, tortoises - which are not subject of required registration, iguanas, chameleons, geckos etc.), distribution of rodents (hamsters, white mice, laboratory rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, hedgehogs, hazel dormouses etc.) to our customers all across Europe.

Our passion is tortoise breeding Geochelone sulcata, in which we are for several years successful.

Company is under continual veterinary surveillance of National Veterinary Administration, with registered number CZ62A02775 as person, who is involved with animal sales and animal products, and veterinary approval number CZ62713278 - storage and transport of secondary animal products.

For our customers we also provide specialized and professional consulting, litter for rodents, certified feed for rodents, live feed - zophobas, mealworms, locusts, crickets. 
Orders inside EU are secured with veterinary certificate - traces.

Because our job is also our hobby, we do not have strict opening hours and are always trying to be forthcoming for customers. In that case, you can contact us anytime on our phone and arrange a visit, which is possible not only during week days but during weekends aswell.

We are looking forward to our cooperation.